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Information on this Year's Art Exhibition and Competition Winners

All visitors to the Exhibition had the opportunity to vote for their three favourite artworks irrespective of any category. Over 1500 votes were cast during the twelve days of the event. The 'Peoples Choice' winners were:

FIRST PRIZE: Water colour

Snow drops sprinkled beneath silver birch, Anglesey Abbey

by Sarah Clee

SECOND PRIZE: Photograph


by Huw Lewis

THIRD PRIZE: There were two joint third prizes, Water colour, Sunrise by Sue Levy and Photograph, Bright Eyes by David Brewerton

As well as the Peoples' Choice, there were four categories on which art entrants were judged: Children under 16, Adult artwork, Adult photography and Adult mixed media

Renee aged 10, won the Child's category with her photo collage; Flower Power

The mixed media prize was won by Lauren Mitchell; Secret Lagoon

First Prize, in the Photography category was won by Huw Lewis with;
Butterfly on Buddleia

Second Prize, was won by Angela Baker with her Mosaic of Pansy Flowers

Third Prize, was won by John Ayres with his, The end of Harvest

First Prize in the Adult artwork category was won by, Jasmine Rosher with her coloured pencil drawing, Fantastic Mr Finch

Second Prize in the Adult artwork category was won by Denise Rudgley with her water colour, The Trossachs

Third Prize in the Adult art category was Christine Kirby with her coloured pencils and pastels, Maisy Cow

Here are some general photographs of the Exhibition and a few more individual artworks.

That's all for now

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