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Thank you to all those who entered our daffodil art competition.  The standard of entries was amazing and the committee found the competition extremely hard to judge. Entries are on view in the Garden Room at the Swiss Garden for the Shuttleworth Trust's Daffodil Festival which runs until 4th April.   

Best in Show and Winner of 13+ age group,

Millie, age 13

Alice 9.jpg

Winner, 8-12 age group, Alice, age 9

Kate 7.jpg

Winner, under-8 age group, Kate, age 7

Runners Up, 8-12 Age Group
Tabitha 12.jpg
Lillyanna 12.jpg
Eve 9.jpg

Tabitha, age 12

Lillyanna, age 12

Eve, age 9

Runners Up, Under-8 Age Group
Scarlett 6.jpg
Erin 4 and 3qtr.jpg
Florence 2yr 2mth.jpg

Scarlett, age 6

Erin, age 4

Florence, age 2

Other awesome entries! 
William 6.jpg

William, age 6

Ted 4.jpg

Ted, age 4

Jamie 5.jpg
Renee 7.jpg

Jamie, age 5

Renee, age 7

Luna 7.jpg

Luna, age 7

Rosie 10.jpg

Rosie, age 10

Katie 10.jpg

Katie, age 10

Evie 8.jpg
Hetty 5.jpg
IMG_4342 (1).jpg


Evie, age 8

Hetty, age 5

George, age 6

Jasper 8.jpg

Jasper, age 8

Cameron 6.jpg

Cameron, age 6

Emily 7.jpg
Eleanor 5.jpg

Emily, age 7

Eleanor, age 5

20210319_113010 (1).jpg

Sara, age 4

Alex 8.jpg

Alex, age 8


Isabella, age 3


Harrison, age 3


Aubrey, age 3


felix age 5.jpg

Felix, age 5


Lara, age 8

THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK PART.  We look forward to seeing you in the Swiss Garden soon!

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